Top 5 Best Nose Hair / Ear Hair Trimmers 2018

Nose Hair Trimmer is to remove the hair in nose nostrils. Nose hair generally acts as a natural filter against dust and pollution. But, it can spoil the look of your face if you have more than enough nose hair. Nose Hair Trimmer is basically a much safer and cooler option than old school scissors. So, here is all you need to know about Nose Hair Trimmers and we will let you know about the best bunch of trimmers out there for you to buy right now.

All the trimmer that are listed below can be used for both Nose and Ear hair. So instead of having people looking your unwanted hair and making yourself embarrassed, you can get one of these trimmers and up your beauty game to a whole new level.

Best Nose Hair Trimmers 2018 – Comparison Table

ToiletTree WAHL Lithium Ion ANDIS MASTER
ToiletTree Professional Water Resistant Nose Trimmer  Panasonic ER430K Ear & Nose Trimmer Philips Norelco Nosetrimmer 3100 NT3155/60
4 Pounds 6.4 ounces 4.8 ounces
5.5 x 1.2 x 1.2 inches 2 x 1 x 5 inches 2 x 1 x 7 inches
Water resistant Battery Operated Battery Operated

Top 5 Best Nose Hair And Ear Hair Trimmer

1. ToiletTree Professional Water Resistant Nose Trimmer

ToiletTree Professional Water Resistant Nose Trimmer
ToiletTree Nose Trimmer

One of the best features of this product is its ability to last longer. And this can be used even if are wet or dry thanks to its water-resistant technology, so you can use this in your shower and get away without cleaning. It has a LED inbuilt that enables you to see the hair that you are removing, quite helpful to pick the hair in dim light or early mornings. It is made up of stainless steel and it is built strong and solid. So, you don’t have to worry about dropping it and breaking.

It has a rotary cutting system that allows you to cut hair in very small and unreachable areas like in your nose, ears, beard and also your eyebrows. The blades are also made up of stainless steel which gives smooth cuts without any pain. You can get away without hurting yourself even while you are removing hair from the most sensitive spots.

It runs on standard AA battery, so it is not the most powerful trimmer out there. But it does well what it is meant to do. And it does not come with a storage case, but it has a cap that fits over the tip. The trimmer also has a lifetime replacement warranty.

Here is my review after using the ToiletTree Professional Water Resistant Nose Trimmer:
” It Works great! I used a cheaper one before but this is on a whole new level. It even feels good & sturdy while using it. It might take a few minutes to get all haircut down.But, After that, it’s like 10 seconds a week with this. Love using it.”

Specialty: LED light, Made of stainless steel, Water Resistant.
Power supply: One AA battery.
Dry/Wet Usage: Yes.
Warranty: Lifetime, limited.
Our Rating: 4.4 out of 5 stars.

2.Panasonic ER430K Ear & Nose Trimmer

Panasonic ER430K Ear & Nose Trimmer
Panasonic ER430K Ear & Nose Trimmer

This product has dual-edge blades that allow you to detail your beard and eyebrows. These blades are curved and are made of stainless steel, and most importantly they won’t poke skin or painfully pull hair out from their root.

The most attractive feature of Panasonic ER430K is its micro-vacuum system. This allows you to whisk away clipped nose, ear, and facial hair as they trim. So that you don’t have hair all over your sink. And no mess means no need to clean or leaving behind a traces of little hairs that are sure to incite the wrath of the person(s) you live with.
This is the only nose hair trimmer in our list that comes with a built-in vacuum. Though this is one of the most expensive nose and ear trimmer in our list, multiple reviewers suggest that vacuum feature is worth.

It has an integrated rotary blade system, which provides clean no pain-no pull removal. The blades of this trimmer are hypoallergenic, which means it won’t give any allergic reactions even if you are sensitive to allergies.
It runs on one AA and it is also water resistant. So it is easy to clean or use it in wet areas. So it is Wet/Dry enabled. Hence making it a good addition to your grooming kit.

Here is my review after using the Panasonic ER430K Ear & Nose Trimmer:
“I have tried a lot of the cheap products from Walmart that stop working in a few weeks. But, These are well constructed and works great. Looks like these are gonna last awhile. I like the way it gets the work done, so fast”

Specialty: Micro-vacuum system, Dual-edge blades, Water Resistant.
Power supply: One AA battery.
Dry/Wet Usage: Yes.
Warranty: 2 years.
Our Rating: 4.3 out of 5 stars.

3. Panasonic ER-GN30-K Nose, Ear Hair Trimmer


Panasonic ER-GN30-K is like the younger brother of its successor ER430K. It is almost same, but this one doesn’t have Micro-vacuum system. Other than that, it has all same. This one is smaller and more compactable as it is light in weight.

Its ergonomic design enables you to hold it comfortably and use it to trim hair in the most unreachable areas like ears and nose. It also works good enough as an eyebrow trimmer. This also comes with dual-edge, hypoallergenic blades which give clean cuts with no pain.

It has a Vortex Cleaning System allows water to enter in and clean the little hairs that remain your nose. It runs on one AA battery and it is also waterproof which allows dry/wet usage. Small, Lightweight, sleek design seems like an amazing addition to your grooming kit.

Here is my review after using the Panasonic ER-GN30-K Nose, Ear Hair Trimmer:
“Its a Very nice trimmer! Easy to use, gets the job done quick and clean. It has all the features compared to expensive products that give the same experience. I Had an older Panasonic trimmer that had lasted more than a decade. I Just needed a replacement so I got this one. I Love that this is waterproof, I can use this in the shower and easy cleanup.”

Specialty: Vortex Cleaning system, Dual-edge blades, Water Resistant.
Power supply: One AA battery.
Dry/Wet Usage: Yes.
Warranty: 2 years.
Our Rating: 4.1 out of 5 stars.

4. Groom Mate Platinum XL Nose & Ear Hair Trimmer

Groom Mate Platinum XL Nose & Ear Hair Trimmer
Groom Mate Platinum XL Nose & Ear Hair Trimmer

You may wonder, how does this thing work, it is so tiny. Well, it is just a trimmer that should be used manually. No batteries, No power supply, nothing. Yes, people use this, basically, it is for the people who feel having an electric-powered blade spinning inside of our ears and nose slightly uncomfortable.

All you have to do is to insert the business end of the trimmer into your nose or ear and slowly twist the bottom until the hair is cut. Don’t worry it doesn’t give you pain by scratching the skin, It softly cuts the unwanted hair without nicking. It is very convenient to use and it doesn’t need any power supply.

It is extremely small compared to other trimmers, so you can slip it into your pocket and use it wherever you want. No need of power, so it will be useful for trips and vacations. Quite a sweet and simple addition to your grooming kit.

Here is my review after using the Groom Mate Platinum XL Nose & Ear Hair Trimmer:
“I love this trimmer! at first, I was skeptical about it because it’s not electric. But, it really works well (once you get used to it) and I never have to worry about it running out of batteries. I have been looking for a good reasonably priced trimmer for so long, and finally found this and I am happy with this.”

Speciality: Can be operated manually, Small and productive.
Power supply: No need, Manually operated.
Dry/Wet Usage: Yes.
Warranty: 2 years.
Our Rating: 3.9 out of 5 stars.

5. Philips Norelco Nosetrimmer 3100 NT3155/60

Philips Norelco Nosetrimmer 3100 NT3155/60
Philips Norelco Nosetrimmer 3100 NT3155/60

This is one of the best most versatile trimmers out there. You can use this for Nose hair, ear hair and also eyebrows. This will leave no hair behind, its design helps it to do deep and cut off even the smallest of the hair. It has an eyebrow comb in its kit which can be used to shape your eyebrows perfectly.

It has a ProtecTube technology which helps you prevents dangerous pulls, nicks, and cuts. It comes with an ultra-thin foil guard and rounded tips to prevent skin irritations and allergies.

It runs on one AA battery and it is also waterproof which allows dry/wet usage but, this is not fully submersible, only heads can be washed. It comes with a case to keep all the useful accessories. So it’s like a complete package for unwanted hair removal. Will be a great addition to your grooming kit.

Here is my review after using the Philips Norelco Nosetrimmer 3100 NT3155/60 :
“I had used some trimmers in the past but they all pulled the hair rather than cutting them. These get the job done well. I used them for several hours (not all at one time – I am not that hairy, of course) and they did not get dull in working. I even used them to blend my neck hair. I do not have to worry about getting nicked or cut. The older I get, the less hair on top and the more elsewhere. This Product is well designed, made, and is durable. Good buy.”

Specialty: ProtecTube technology, extra accessories.
Power supply: AA Battery
Dry/Wet Usage: Yes.
Warranty: 2 years.
Our Rating: 3.8 out of 5 stars.

Here is Why You Need A Nose/Ear Hair Trimmer

1. Looks: Having no visible hair in your nose will make you look much more attractive than you are. According to a study, it is revealed that 46% of women would rather talk to a guy with bad breath than a man who has visible nose hairs. This means having nose hair is a like an instant letdown. So if you are trying out women these days, then you probably need one of these trimmers.

2. Safety: Using a Nose hair trimmer is the best option to remove the hair. Most of the people use scissors to cut the hair, which is harmful and you may end up poking your nose. Some people pluck out their nose hairs, When they do this, blood comes out from where the root of the hair is plucked out. Blood allows bacteria to grow in your nasal passage. Veins in your face don’t have any protective valves, so the bacteria can enter your bloodstream and lead to an infection nearly anywhere in your body.

Is It Okay To Remove Nose and Ear Hair?

As far as ear hair and eyebrows are concerned, it is completely safe to remove them. There is no biological use of this hair. They are completely useless. Eyebrows are of course useful in making you look good, but ear hair is of no use, they just make you look bad.

But nose hair has a biological use. They prevent dust and pollution from entering your lungs, which is unhealthy. But it makes you look creepy, so instead of waxing them, you can trim them once in a week and get away. The first two days you will feel like you are breathing more, it is actually you letting in dust and pollution. Later your hair will grow and stop the dust. So it is not that bad to use a trimmer.
But if you are plucking or pulling your hair, then that is a problem. If you pluck your nose hairs, germs and particles near the follicles can get inside the skin and later on cause an infection. These types of infections are rare, but if they occur they can cause serious trouble for people with weak immune systems.

To conclude, we can say that it is safer to use trimmers than pulling out the hair. So go ahead and get one for yourself to look beautiful and to stay confident.

There it is. That is all, we have given all the information about the best nose hair/ear hair trimmers out there and why you should buy one. Hope you liked it. Do check out other reviews on our website.
Thank you for checking in.